Handcrafted and well crafted.

Hi! We are Athena and Gabe, the co-owners of SweetTea & MoonShine. We started out with Etsy in June 2010 as just a hobby. We were both working full time jobs with 3 children. Gabe won a bid through Alchemy for a small stripped table made using pallet wood. He decided to take the table outside in the beautiful green grass and with the natural light and vibrant colors the photo made it to the Front Page of Etsy. That day we sold 4 tables. Gabe had to quit his day job 2 weeks later! I followed a few months behind him when the finish work and paperwork were too much to handle with a day job.

We take great pride in every piece of furniture that we make. From a simple mirror to a 6 foot dining room table. Each item gets our full attention and only the best products are used. We both come from families that have hardworking, artistic and creative people that have shown us through the years how to create a great product and a great business.

We firmly believe that handcrafted, well made furniture does not need to cost a fortune. We worked out of our home for over six years, just the two of us designing, building and finishing everything, so we were able to keep our costs and prices low.
It is still a small operation for us. We still sell, build, finish and ship all of our items ourselves.

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